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Comic script for The Volunteer

Published on 22nd June 2015
This is a short comic script I wrote, and was illustrated by Sean Jones. It was published in BCWYF #1, which was put together by Carl Smith.
Page 1 (4 panels)

Panel 1.We are looking directly at Macen and Gwar from a low angle, approximately fifteen feet away. The spaceship is behind them sitting on its landing skids. (Sean, ship design is all you. Go bananas). Gwar is wrapped around Macen’s neck so that he is looking ahead. Macen is looking at a hand held computer, her eyes furrowed slightly as she focuses on it. They are in a dry, deserty type environment with ancient ruins in it (see pins 1 & 2).

COMPUTER:Water source. 3.8 klicks ahead, Lt. Macen. (Lettering note: I am thinking that this should be a square word bubble with a lightning tail, kind of like Iron Man - see pin 3)

Panel 4. Shot of the alien dog leaping through the air attacking Gwar. Gwar has turned and is cowering low to the ground, his eyes wide and teeth bared. His body language should be defensive, if that makes sense. The camera is positioned so that we are behind Macen and see her from behind. The alien dog is facing toward us and Gwar is at an angle to us, such that we can see his face.

ALIEN DOG:Grrrrrow!


Page 2 (5 panels)

Panel 1. Full shot of alien dog shaking Gwar. This is in the background. The camera is positioned right above one of Macen’s shoulders so that the side of her face is right on the edge of the panel. Her eyes are wide and Gwar is panicking.

CAP: We're not looking for a place to simply live.


Panel 2. This is a shot of Macen from the knees up as she draws the pistol from her utility belt. The pistol is already in her hand and her arm is moving her up to the shooting position. Her arm should be about halfway through this motion. Her eyes are focused and her expression is very set and determined.

CAP:We’re looking for a home.

Panel 3. The camera is positioned tightly behind and looking over Macen's shoulder. She is holding the pistol out with both hands, aiming at the alien dog and firing. The alien dog is in the background - it is struck by the shot, reeling backward. It’s jaws have relaxed and Gwar is just starting to slip out of its mouth.



Panel 4. Shot from ground level looking straight at Gwar. He is limping forward as quick as he can - this should convey that even though he is injured, he is somewhat quicker than Macen. Macen can be seen in the background rushing toward him trying to catch him. Her expression is fully of anger/fear/fury (Sean - I want to convey the mixture of emotions that we tend to feel in these times of stress - don’t know if that will work, but let me know what you think.)


Panel 5. In this shot, we see Macen in full body profile as she hustles after Gwar, heading toward the mountain. Her expression is gaunt; she looks as though she is in a hurry. Gwar is headed toward the mountain w/ the forest, trailing a bit of blood behind him.

CAP: Some of you will not return.

Page 3 (5 panels)

Panel 1.They have made it to the foot of the mountain. The camera is positioned behind Macen and Gwar, so that we see them from the back. Macen is squatting down, picking up Gwar. In the background we see a lush pond with greenery growing around it. On the far side there is a ruined temple. On the shore in front of the temple, we see the alien mystic (see charcter design for reference).

CAP: But you knew that when you signed up.

Panel 2. They have walked around the pond and are now standing by the mystic. The camera is positioned over the pond so that we are looking at both the mystic and Macen/Gwar from the side. Macen is holding Gwar out in a pleading manner, and her expression is desperate. ButThere is about five feet of distWe aance between Macen & Gwar.

MYSTIC: You may choose.

MACEN: What do you mean?!

Panel 3. Tight profile close up shot of the side of the mystic's face, so that we only see his mouth and nose.

MYSTIC: Your people, or your friend.

Panel 4. Straight on close up of Macen's face. Her eyes are wide and her mouth is open.

CAP: We are counting on you.

Panel 5.This panel is a shot of the her world – it is an Earth like world, but shows signs of severe environmental damage. Oceans are dried up, volcanoes erupting, etc. Sean – go nuts here. Whatever you want. I am thinking this is a shot from out in space looking straight at the planet, such that it fills most of the panel. This is all you man.

CAP: To think always of the greater good.

Page 4 (4 panels)

Panel 1. Straight on close up shot of Gwar's face. His eyes are open and he is making a small sound.

CAP: I have the utmost faith in you.

GWAR: Reeeee . . .

Panel 2. Close up of Macen's face. There are big tears welling up in her eyes and her mouth is contorted as she makes her choice.

MACEN:I choose my people.

Panel 3. Close up of Gwar again. His eyes are closed. He is dead.


Panel 4. This panel is a shot of the world that Gwar and Macen are on. It is in the future – the set up should mirror that of page 3, panel 5. We see the world in the background with large spaceships (the kind that would carry thousands/millions of people) in the foreground heading to the planet.

CAP: Your sacrifice will be remembered.