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Hear Nebraska concert review - Congruency

Published on 22nd June 2015
From Hear Nebraska news update, 6/22/15.

On Saturday, HN writing contributor Jeff Lawler was at Reverb Lounge for a local rock billing with Congruency, Can’t, Won’t and Super Moon:

“Three local Omaha groups, each representing a different style of rock, played to a solid crowd at the Reverb Lounge in Benson on a hot and humid Saturday night. The intimate venue lent itself well to the three-act billing, allowing the crowd to get up close with each group.

Can’t, Won’t started off the night with a quick set of sludgy guitar riffery. Chanted vocals mixed with chunky bass and straight up rock drumming made for a dynamic mix. The band also tossed in a few quick songs with no vocals, allowing both guitarists and the bassist to showcase their impressive chops.

Stoner/doom rock foursome Super Moon turned in a bludgeoning set of intense, in your face guitar fuzz with a definite classic rock vibe. The guitars and bass were on point, and Clayton Pace pushed the band over the top with bombastic drumming. His playing was dynamic and precise, giving the group a huge shot of momentum.

Congruency took the stage in front of a crowd of around 50, turning in a set of jangly guitar rock, with nods to everything from blues to punk. The groups has been playing in and around Omaha for a couple of years, and is in the process of putting together an EP for release this year.

Guitarists Nathan McInnis and Colin Heskin shared lead vocal duties, while drummer David McCinnis contributed solid backing vocals, effectively harmonizing with the two leads. Most of the songs were solid, upbeat rockers, but the group slowed it down near the end of the show with “Pleasures Won’t Last,” a midtempo number reminiscent of mid 90s guitar pop. The group also treated the crowd to a sing-along cover of “Dig a Pony” by the Beatles.”